Dark Geometry's service.

At Dark Geometry my main focus is on creating artwork that will make your printed or digital project stand out. without quality graphics and artwork your project will fail to draw the attention it deserves, I listen to your ideas and translate them into a design or piece of artwork that will drive attention to your project and help reach results.

What kind of projects do I accept? Pretty much anything artwork can be implimented into such as web graphics, banner ads, logos, splash screens, wallpapers, graphic text, print graphics, album covers, magazine covers, product packaging, posters.. you name it.

My Stock

    Almost all artwork on my website is available as stock, and the original production files saved, should you find somthing you like these images can easily be modified to your liking and changes/alterations can be made at a low cost in comparison to starting from scratch. Below is a list of my stock portfolios.

    -Shutterstock -Istockphoto -Dreamstime -Fotolia -Bigstock -Canstock -123rf -Pixmac

Latest Project

Have a look at a recently completed project.

The client requested a piece of artwork to represent a character from mythology and folklore called Acheri.

She described the character as being a evil faerie from native American folklore, a type of demon that spreads disease and spiritual corruption. To the left is the result of her request.
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